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Use Splash-Sites in combination with your Web, E-mail Marketing and Print promotions. Funnel the leads from your sales efforts to a special page Web page - a Landing Page - that is customized for your needs; collect leads, engage customers for upselling, test market products, provide a ways for customers to speak to you, showcase a product or service - it has endless uses!  Automate some of your daily work, and let a Splash-Site with custom Form Page do the legwork...  Give clients the choice of contacting without having to call you.

Our marketing professionals are always available to discuss your projects, and the numerous ways to cut costs and time with the use of a good Splash-Site. ALL designs start at $999, and MOST stay at $999, but we can do some pretty amazing things, and can provide you with additional high-level services like: Custom Programming Solutions, Flash Animation, 3D Animation, Vector/Raster Graphic Design, Salesforce Integration and other Customer Relationship Management Systems Integrations, and more!
Splash-Site Forms are a true fulfillment mechanism. Convert your prospects to leads.
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