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Splash-Site Forms are a true fulfillment mechanism. Convert your prospects to leads.  Go one step further, and find out how we can convert your leads to sales using some of our custom solutions.

The real value lies in someone physically not having to speak to prospects to access their intentions - let a custom Splash-Site Form ask the questions, and send you your answers via e-mail. What else can we say, it's the affordable flexible information collection tool, and the customization options are endless: full length applications (go Green save paper), surveys, office/sales forms, feedback/response. All are custom made, and we never use templates. Our standard package includes 10 fields of your choosing, plus validation coding to ensure fields are filled out properly (highly customized validation routines above and beyond standard field validation requirements are available, additional fields available).  We can also send users a stylized HTML e-mail copy of their request upon successful submit ($200 additional).
After the Splash-Site Form Page is submitted - only after it's properly filled out and checked by field validation - the user arrives at your custom Thank You Page.  So, send them wherever you want! To your site, a page in your site, a product on your site, PR on your site... even another Splash-Site!
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